At the 2009 Sustainable Living Festival VNV launched its booklet highlighting the effects of animal products on the planet.

The booklet has been so successful that a 3rd edition has recently been printed. That's 135,000 copies printed so far!

(This could not have been possible without a grant from Voiceless and very generous donations from the Supreme Master Ching Hai Association, Australia.)

The 16 page booklet, titled 'Eating up the World: the Environmental Consequences of Human Food Choices', raises issues of land exhaustion, air pollution, and ocean depletion among others such as species extinction, water, energy and materials expenditure, and the social impacts - all stemming from human dietary choices.


VNV President Mark Doneddu said, "Never before in our history have we been faced with so many environmental problems as right now.

"The simplest way for us to address this is to switch to a plant-based diet," Mr Doneddu said.

The booklet contains facts and statistics from leading research bodies including the CSIRO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The 3rd edition of the booklet is now available online (2.3MB PDF ). Printed copies are available from the VNV Office (please email us at info@vnv.org.au).



In December 2007 VNV was awarded a major grant from Voiceless, the fund for animals, to assist in research and production of 'Eating up the World'. Voiceless offers financial support to non-profit organisations for the design and implementation of projects which improve the lives of animals in Australia.

The award was presented by Brian Sherman AM (Voiceless Co-founder and Director) and actor Hugo Weaving (Ambassador for Voiceless). Rebecca Irvine, a representative from the VNV Team, went to Sydney to receive the award on VNV’s behalf. The award presentations were held on 3 December 2007 at the Sydney Opera House flagship restaurant 'Guillaume at Bennelong'. When asked about the awards event Ms Irvine said “It was really fantastic to see so many not-for-profit organisations of a like minded nature receiving awards, all for really fantastic animal related causes. Each organisation was so deserving. It just goes to show that all their hard work is being recognised and supported and how much great work can be done with the grants mechanism provided by Voiceless”. 

(Photograph courtesy of Paul Green)

We sincerely thank Voiceless for their very generous support.